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Spin Doctors Discography
General info

Welcome to the Spin Doctors Discography section of the Spin Doctors Archive! On the next pages, you will find basic information about all the official band releases as well as about the solo projects of the band's members. This discography is based on the facts provided by Mark M's old Spin Doctors Information Page and was enhanced with an all new list of solo- and side project releases.

The discography might be incomplete in some parts - if you can provide more details about any SD-related release, please contact us and we will gladly add your stuff to this archive.

This is what you can find in this section:

  • Album Discography: All Spin Doctors original albums as well as the different Sony "Best Of"-Releases from the last years.

  • Singles Discography: Especially in the early 90s, the band released tons of different singles via Sony / Epic including some interesting b-sides. From vinyl 7inch releases in 1990 to free digital mp3 single releases in 2005 - this is an interesting journey through the Spin Doctors' career.

  • Official Downloads: Since the relaunch of the Spin Doctors' official website, the band releases some stuff officially there every now and then. Here's a list of all music and video downloads that were/are provided on the official site since 2002.

  • Promos / Demos: Some songs that were offered as radio singles were released as promo discs only - you can find most of them here. More than this, this section also mentions old pre-Epic demo releases and weird stuff such as US syncicated radio show promo CDs.

  • Compilations: From "Spanish Castle Magic" on the 1993 Jimi Hendrix tribute album to "Tantrum" from the Sandra Boynton's "Dog Train" disc - the Spin Doctors contributed some fine work to various compilations. This is a list of the most important compilation stuff.

  • Videos and DVDs: Did you know that there were two videos for "Two Princes"? Or that there's a full rockumentary on the band which unfortunately was never released? Check out this section to learn more about the band's videos.

  • Side- & Solo Projects Discography: The only list available on the internet that concentrates on the solo work of the Spin Doctors band members. Learn more about Aarons side projects, Chris' and Eric's solo releases! If you are curious to know what happened to the ex-members like Ivan or Anthony, this section provides you some basic discography info, too.
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