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Mark White Solo Discography
last update 2013-11-16

This is a list of non-Spin Doctors releases featuring Mark White. If something's missing, please let us know.

Clarice Cliff Rock Band feat. Mark White and Mr. Will - Two Princes
(independently released, 2013)

Two Princes

Girl school band performing the Spin Doctors classic feat. Mark White on bass.

Cork - Out There
(Voiceprint, 2003)

Mark plays bass on one track of the 2nd Cork album. Cork is a band with Eric Schenkman on vocals and guitar. Check out the Eric Schenkman solo discography for details on this recording.

Music From Another Planet
(mp3s available on Mark's website)

1 Skipping Stones
2 Falldown
3 Sky
4 Sleepy Girl
5 Creepup
6 Waves
7 The End
8 Moody Groove

Some demo tracks available on Mark's website. Some of this stuff is also available on Mark's 2000 disc.

Mark White - Mark White
(independently released, 2000)

1 Skipping Stones
2 A Night Out On The Town
3 Big Wheel
4 Island Hopping Mad
5 Sleepy Girl
6 Blue Wax
7 Life Is Great
8 Crazy 80's
9 Circles
10 Night And Day
11 Rain Dance
12 Taking Off
13 By The Pond
14 We Had Such A Good Time
15 Pepper Town

"All Music played by Mark White. Produced by Mark White at Magicmarker Studios, Times Square, NY. Cheap computer art: Mark White. Photos: Monika White. MagigMarkerMusic (c) 2000."

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