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Spin Doctors' Side- & Solo Projects Discography
What's this?

Welcome to the side- & solo projects section of the Spin Doctors discography here at the SD archive! This is an all-new section - so far, there was no comprehensive list of all official solo projects by the band's members. It's still incomplete in a few parts - if you know of albums not mentioned here, feel free to drop us a line.

Get more information on the band members' solo work:

  • Aaron Comess Solo Discography: the SD guy with the biggest solo catalogue. Aaron works as a producer, engineer and drummer for other artists. By now, he was involved in about 30 albums by other artists, including his project "New York Electric Piano" or his work with Todd Horton. He also worked with Joan Osborne, Saul Zonana and Marc Cohn, to name a few.

  • Chris Barron Solo Discography: With an magnificent solo album called "Shag" and some noteworthy contributions to some other artists' records, the Spin Doctors singer offers a very interesting solo discography. Find out more about the "Faust" musical he did as well as his collaborations with bands such as Teddybut, The Moldy Peaches and Blues Traveler.

  • Eric Schenkman Solo Discography: Eric had to leave Spin Doctors in 1994 - after the break-up, he recorded some interesting stuff - like the "Make A Sound" record. He also teamed up with Noel Redding and Corgy Laing in 1999 and released the album "Speed Of Thought" under the name Cork.

  • Mark White Solo Discography: Mark did some solo work, too - mostly self-produced bass sketches which he released independently.

  • Other (Ex-)Members Discography: Guys such as Ivan Neville or Carl Carter played on dozens of albums and provide very interesting back catalogues. If you want to know what happenend to the guys who were members of the Spin Doctors (some of them only for a very short period of time), just check this section as it includes the main solo work details and links to the musicians' websites.
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