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Spin Doctors Videos / DVDs
General info

On this page you can read about the band's music videos and DVDs. A lot of the details about the videos were provided by DJE and JB on the Spin Doctors Forum (click here to see the thread). The never-officially released rockumentary "It`s On The TV" is included as well as the recent DVD accompaining the Nice Talking To Me album.

Nice Talking To Spin Doctors
Production date: 2005

Produced by Chris Schwartz and Rich Murray.
Bonus DVD to the band's latest album "Nice Talking To Me" including the following stuff:
- Featurette "Nice Talking To Spin Doctors"
- Live performances / videos:
"Nice Talking To Me" (Live in Manchester);
"Can' Kick The Habit" (video to the first single off NTTM, see below);
"What Time Is It?" (Live in London);
"Margarita" (Live in London).
- Full instrumental versions of "Nice Talking To Me" and "Happily Ever After" (as background music to the main and live DVD menus).

Can't Kick The Habit
Production date: 2005

Video produced by Chris Schwartz and Rich Murray.
The video to the leadoff single from "Nice Talking To Me" captures live performances of the band during their 2005 UK/Euro tour. Very simple but effective video that is available via online sources such as lauch.com or on the bonus-DVD to the NTTM album.

Video Clip from "Tantrum" Recording Session
(Release date: May 4, 2005)

A 2-minute video clip featuring Eric Schenkman recording one of his guitar tracks for the song "Tantrum", recorded at Avatar Studios in NYC on March 31, 2005. This clip was released officially on the Spin Doctors website. See the Official Downloads section for more details on this clip.

She Used To Be Mine
Production date: 1996-04-22

Directed by Rich Murray.
A very "happy" and highly "produced" video to the leadoff single from "You've Got To Believe In Something", the band's third studio album.

Mary Jane
Production date: 1994-09-30

Produced by Rich Murray.
Shot right around the time when Eric split, on Chris' farm in Seattle, if I remember correctly. There's no Eric in that video at all, in fact, the video shows the rest of the band doing try-outs for (pretty weird) guitarists.

You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast
Production date: 1994-06-24

Produced by Rich Murray.
Second single from TIUD and the only song off the album that was sucessful as a single. The video was shot in a launderette and has a little love-story and the band performing.

Cleopatra's Cat
Production date: 1994-05-17

Directed by Wayne Isham.
The whole Egyptian tomb vibe. Although this song was not received well as a single and video, it still can be considered to be the band's most artsy and inventive video to date.

It's On The TV
1993 long-form video

Produced in 1993. This video (including all the video clips and some interview footage and live performances of the band during their PFOK-tours) was never released officially. It's about 30 minutes long. Probably produced and directed by Rich Murray, too.

Jimmy Olsen's Blues
Production date: 1993-08-09

Probably directed by Chris Weinstein.
The fifth video for a PFOK-song. Again, this is more or less a live performance video capturing the band on stage.

How Could You Want Him (When You Know You Could Have Me?)
Production date: 1993-06-17

Directed by Rich Murray.
Video on the hillside with Chris blowing that puff of smoke, filmed somewhere in France during the 1993 European tour. Actually got some decent airplay as a video and single, it showed the band was more than Princes & Little Miss.

What Time Is It?
Production date: 1993-04-09

Directed by Rich Murray.
A video that mostly captures the band doing live performances on the PFOK-tour(s).

Two Princes II
Production date: 1993-01-06

Directed by Rich Murray.
After the success of the LMCBW video, Spin Doctors followed it up with shooting a second video for Two Princes. Filmed in black and white, Chris in ski hat with ear muffs, Mark playing one of the Princes. This song and it's video, is probably what the general public remembers the Spin Doctors by (for better or worse, right?).

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong
Production date: 1992-06-19

Directed by Diane LaVerdi.
After PFOK had been out for almost a year or so, this video was a hit on MTV. It really broke the band. Featuring a funny paint fight of the band members.

Two Princes I
Production date: 1991 or early 1992

Not "the one". The one before. A rarely seen video that was filmed on a club stage, with a live concert feel to it, featuring a chameleon. :-)

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