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Miscellaneous mp3s
Some rare tracks for your listening pleasure. Last update 2011-07-09

Here you can find some music performed by the Spin Doctors - live stuff recorded within the last 18 years, from the early Eric days as well as jams from the Anthony and Eran eras as well as some music performed after the reunion in 2001.

Looking for complete Spin Doctors / Chris Barron / Wasabi shows? No problem - the Live Music Archive hosts more than 100 shows from 1989 to 2010 for you to stream or download to your computer. It's free and it's legal!! Click here to get a list of all permanently available shows and follow the links to get to the shows.

Bad Orange Cushions - Nightingale Bar, New York City, NY (1991-02-05)

added 2011-07-09

Here's another rarity for y'all: a recording of a late night set from Bad Orange Cushions. This all star band included members of Spin Doctors, The Sweetones & New Bohemians. Chris Barron - vocals, Aaron Comess - bass, Eric Schenkman - guitar, Kenny Withrow - guitar, John Bush - percussion, Elton Reid - drums, Craig Dreyer - sax. Warren Haynes sits in for "Highway 49". Thanks a lot to Ari Satlin for providing his tape of this set. All we did was reducing the bass a bit and tracking it for your listening pleasure.

01 On A Good Day I Have The Blues Jam (18:40)
02 Banter, introducing Warren Haynes (2:00)
03 Highway 49 (with Warren Haynes) (10:21)
04 Banter, band intros (2:18)
05 Ben's Looking Out The Window Blues (5:07)
06 Banter, Chris' birthday, the long tall Texan in you (2:15)
07 Deep Ellum Blues (13:36)
08 Your House Is Ugly Jam (14:15)
09 Sweetest Portion (6:59)
10 Banter, making up the name for the last song, band intros (3:00)
11 Rollin' Rock Jam (15:40)

Spin Doctors - Jack Frost Mountain, Blakeslee, PA (1997-06-27)
added 2010-03-08

Although is not up to rchive.org's sound quality standards, we thought it would be nice to share this neat little show with you. It's Aaron, Mark and Chris with Ivan and Eran. Fun stuff, including rarities such as Diamond or Hurricane. All details about the show here, and a .zip file including the whole show is here (mp3, 190kbps, 106mb).

Spin Doctors - Gurten Festival, Bern, Switzerland (1997-07-19)*
added 2010-03-08

Another one from our vaults - a second 1997 show, this time, it's a gem from Switzerland. Hear the band play Gurten Festival - setlist info is here, the .zip file including the show here (mp3, 190kbps, 230mb).

At The Stable - Chris Barron & The Give Daddy Five
April 14th, 2000 at the 160 Bar, New York City, NY

An awesome performance of one of Chris' best solo songs. Recorded by David Landsberger during an intimate gig at the 169 Bar in New York City. "The Give Daddy Five" was Chris' backing band in 2000 and 2001 and had different line-ups throughout the years. The line-up that night was Aaron Comess (drums), Rob Clores (keyboards), Todd Horton (trumpet), Eric Lawrence (sax) and Chris Barron (vocals, guitar). To learn more about The Give Daddy Five, check out the Side Projects FAQ.

Dart Tossin' Blues - Spin Doctors 1991
February 13th, 1991 at Emerson College, Boston, MA

Another classic Spin Doctors performance taken from the "Unreleased Gems" collection. A bluesy tune that the band did not perform very often.*

Cleopatra's Cat - Spin Doctors 1997*
July 19th, 1997 at the Gurten Festival, Bern, Switzerland

Here's a pretty extraordinary version of the Spin Doctors' classic song "Cleopatra's Cat". An extended version of the song including a really sick keyboard solo from Ivan Neville at the end of the song. The line-up was: Chris, Mark and Aaron with Eran Tabib (guitar) and Ivan Neville (keyboards). Please note the copyright statement at the bottom of this page.*

Laraby's Gang - Chris Barron with John Popper 2002
December 2002 live at the Here Arts Center, New York City, NY

A beautiful Chris solo rendition of the Spin Doctors' song "Laraby's Gang", performed in December 2002 at the Here Arts Center in NYC. This was a show in honour of Tim Vega, artist and brother of pop-folk singer songwriter Suzanne Vega, who passed away in April 2002. John Popper joined Chris during his solo set - later that night, Chris joined John and performed some cool Blues Traveler tunes with him.

So Bad - Spin Doctors 1992
May 22, 1992 live at Lawrenceville High School Prom, Lawrenceville, NJ

"So Bad" is one of the most fascinating Spin Doctors blues songs. There are not many recordings of that song available. Without any doubt, this one here (taken from the old "Unreleased Gems" compilation) is simply breathtaking and beautiful.

Fisherman's Delight - Spin Doctors 1991
April 24, 1999 live at WBOS Earth Day, Boston

This one's really rare - a live recording of "Fisherman's Delight" which was released as a great studio version on the "Here Comes The Bride" album in 1999. On April 24, 1999, the band presented some of their new stuff such as "Here Comes The Bride", a great rendition of "Wow" and this track. Featuring Carl Carter on bass, Ivan Neville on keys and vocals and Eran Tabib on guitar.

Gestalt's Blues- Spin Doctors 1989
November 24th, 1989 live at the Mondo Perso, New York City, NY

One of the earliest Spins live shows circulating - "Gestalt's Blues" is a true Spin Doctors classic: another funky tune with some great guitar work by Eric Schenkman.

Songs In The Key Of Goodbye - Chris Barron 2002
June 13th, 2002 at the Sidewalk Cafe, NYC

This is a great new song by Chris Barron, just the man and his guitar - recorded at a wonderful CB NYC solo show in June, 2002. Download "Songs In The Key Of Goodbye" here.

Copyright information
Please note:

The music offered on this page is written and performed by the Spin Doctors, recorded by fans at live concerts. No officially released material here. It's the intention of this site to celebrate the music, not to make any financial profit out of it. If you want to get in contact with the site operator for trading Spin Doctors live shows, feel free to do so.

* As we don't know the exact origin of those files, please let us know if offering this file may cause copyright problems. If so, please contact us and we'll take it off immediately. Check the About section for contact details. Thank you.

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