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March 6th, 2005, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, England, UK.
Show Of The Month Volume Four: July 24th, 2006. By Daniel Heinze.

This month's featured show is only about one year old - maybe the best recording of a show from the March 2005 European tour of the band:

March 6, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, England, UK

Wonderful show. The band came to the UK to present the material that they just recorded a few months before and that should become the band's fifth studio album, Nice Talking To Me. Of course, you hear a lot of classic tunes as well as some great sing-a-longs (check the "Sugar -> Jimmy" segue) and great interaction with the audience. With the March 2005 UK tour, the original Spin Doctors returned to Europe for the first time since 1994. This show proofs that the Spin Doctors are better than ever, able to do huge, heartfelt and rocking performances for our listening pleasure. The recording of the soundcheck is an additional bonus.

Setlist / Download
You can download the entire show for free from the the Live Music Archive (available formats: .flac, .ogg and .mp3). Direct mp3 download: if you right-click on the song titles below, you'll download the vbr mp3s, if you click the "Play" button, you can stream the song to your computer):

SD show:
What Time Is It?
Tonight You Can Steal Me Away
Safety Pin
Cleopatra's Cat
Nice Talking To Me
Little Miss Can't Be Wrong
Jimmy Olsen's Blues
Can't Kick The Habit
My Problem Now
Two Princes

Refrigerator Car
Shinbone Alley
Lady Kerosene

Wild Thing Noodling
Wild Thing
Shinbone Alley
Refrigerator->Shinbone transition practice
Happily Ever After
Talking/Adjustments/Mark Wants Bottom
Can't Kick The Habit

Details (by David Landsberger):
Source: AT822->SBM-1->optical->D8 (Most of Show)
AT822->SBM-1->optical->MD (Two Princes / Soundcheck. Model MD unknown)
Transfer: D8->JB3->CoolEditPro->CD-WAVE->FLAC (Most of Show)
MD->Analog in PC (details Unknown)->CD-R->EAC>WAV->CoolEditPro->CD-WAVE->FLAC (Two Princes / Soundcheck)
DAT Recording by David Landsberger
MD Recording by Cosmicharley
My DAT had bad diginoise in Two Princes, so I got a copy of Two Princes from Cosmicharley's MiniDisc source (from my mikes). I spliced them together with a quick crossfade in CoolEdit Pro. I also got the soundcheck from cosmicharley's MiniDisc as I didn't record it.
Mixing and DAT Transfer by David Landsberger

Review (by Stumpylicious, taken from archive.org):
This is the one to get from the European tour. You know, if you've resisted all those other chances to get shows from this tour. Or even if you have the others, add this one. This is another incredible show, like the others, but it's a lot clearer for me. The vocals are higher and clearer, and you can live in the instruments.
I was really surprised when I saw the soundcheck at the end, but I faintly remember discussing it on the band's message board. Anyway, it's great to hear the little things, like the Spins practicing the Refrigerator Car/Shinbone transition. Plus, you get Happily Ever After and a bonus Can't Kick the Habit, too. Grab this show, play it loud, and groove.

October 31, 1990 - The Marquee, New York City.

Show Of The Month Volume Three: June 17th, 2006. By Daniel Heinze.

To celebrate the first show of Spin Doctors together with Blues Traveler in 12 years that took place on May 26, 2006, we want to introduce you to a classic "Spinning Traveler" show from the early days:

October 31, 1990 - The Marquee, New York City

Imagine two young, powerful bands that love to share the stage and jam together. Blues Traveler just released their debut album and Spin Doctors were busy with collecting a larger fanbase by performing and touring heavily. Both bands played together very often, and there were no stops in between sets. Here's a cool description of those "Spinning Traveler" nights from the SD FAQ:

"Spin Doctors would open up with one set and then in the middle of a jam the Blues Traveler guys would come on one by one and start playing, even setting up two drum kits if the stage was big enough, and then the SD guys would come off the stage one by one. Many times only Chris would be left and both bands would do Cleopatra's Cat with Chris on vocals, or Hard To Exist (a song that Popper helped write; both songs have been performed by Blues Traveler without any Spin Doctors members present). Often the process would repeat for another SD set, or take on other forms because BT was opening up."

This is a show like that. More than three hours of classic Spin Doctors and Blues Traveler. Enjoy!

Setlist / Download
You can download the entire show for free from the the Live Music Archive (available formats: .flac, .ogg and .mp3). Direct mp3 download: if you right-click on the song titles below, you'll download the vbr mp3s, if you click the "Play" button, you can stream the song to your computer):

Yo Mama's a Pajama
Jimmy Olsen's Blues
Refrigerator Car
Hey Dick
Two Princes
Lady Kerosene
Hungry Hamed's
Cleopatra's Cat
At This Hour
Shinbone Alley> Band Segue Jam>

Mulling It Over
Black Cat Jam>
Crystal Flame
Gotta Get Mean>
Brother John>
Gotta Get Mean> Band Segue Jam>

Forty Or Fifty
Yo Baby
Freeway Of The Plains
What Time Is It?
Rosetta Stone
Off My Line># Band Segue Jam>#$

But Anyway$

* with Chris Barron
# with John Popper
$ with Aaron Comess

- Show is incomplete; Blues Traveler's last set (six more songs) is missing and may not circulate as part of this recording.
- Background crackling in Crystal Flame starting at 1:04; tick at 2:56 of Black Cat Jam.

June 13, 1994 The Bottom Line, New York City.

Show Of The Month Volume Two: April 28th, 2006. By Daniel Heinze.

Here's another classic Spin Doctors show you should definitely check out and download:

June 13, 1994 The Bottom Line, New York City

Well, this is a show every Spins fan should have heard. It's the second night of a two-night run at The Bottom Line to promote the band's 1994 album "Turn It Upside Down". On June 13th, the band played a wicked three-set-show, and the second set ("radio set") was aired live on more than 100 radio stations in the US!
The second set includes a lot of great performances of TIUD songs such as Indifference, Laraby's Gang or You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast as well as rarely live played tracks like Scotch And Water Blues (wonderful version) or Someday All This Will Be Road. But it's the first and the third set that makes this show a truly unique one: the first set is kind of a "blues set" including blues standards and Spins original songs. This set was meant as a warm-up to the radio show and is one of the most creative and unique sets that the band ever played.
Set three pleases you with tunes such as Uranium Century (!), Freeway and House as well as a wonderful rendition of Sweet Widow. Without any doubt, the encores are the highlights of this legendary show: the Spin Doctors with John Popper of Blues Traveler, performing How Could You Want Him and Gestalt's Blues (!!). Enjoy this wonderful show, one of the last fan-made recordings of the original four (which means, including Eric Schenkman) before the line-up change later in 1994. See "Details" below for more information on this show, too.

Setlist / Download
You can download the entire show for free from the the Live Music Archive (available formats: .flac, .ogg and .mp3). Direct mp3 download: if you right-click on the song titles below, you'll download the vbr mp3s, if you click the "Play" button, you can stream the song to your computer):

Set 1:
Set 1 Introduction
The Drop
Highway 49
Breakfast In Bed
Back Door Man
Stop Breaking Down
So Bad
What My Love

Set 2:
Set 2 Introduction
Big Fat Funky Booty
Someday All this Will Be Road
You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast
Jimmy Olsen´s Blues
More Than Meets The Ear
Hungry Hamed´s
Biscuit Head
Two Princes
Scotch And Water Blues
What Time Is It
At This Hour
Laraby´s Gang
Cleopatra´s Cat
Beasts In The Woods
Little Miss Can't Be Wrong
Yo Mama´s A Pajama

Set 3 (1am set):
Set 3 Introduction
Uranium Century
Freeway Of The Plains -->
Off My Line
Forty Or Fifty
Bags Of Dirt
Sweet Widow
Mary Jane
Can´t Say No
More Than She Knows

How Could You Want Him*
Gestalt´s Blues*

Details (by David Landsberger):
* with John Popper (Blues Traveler)
First "So Bad" since May 22nd, 1992
First "What My Love" since December 12, 1991

This was the second of 2 nights at The Bottom Line to celebrate the release of their second studio album, Turn It Upside Down. As a result, this show has many songs that were written for Turn It Upside Down. As these newer songs were never played again after Eric left the band in August of 1994, this is one of the few recordings with that material. And I must say that the sound quality of this recording is really quite nice.
The second set of this show was broadcast live on 102.7 WNEW-FM in New York City (although this recording comes from my mikes and not from the radio). The radio set was pressed as a bootleg CD or so I've been told. The first set is a warm-up for the radio and consists of some really cool and rare blues tunes, including my personal favorite, So Bad.
After the second set, the band went down the block to tower records to sign copies of Turn It Upside Down which came out at midnight (between set 2 and 3). After finishing the signing, the band came back to the Bottom Line to play a third set. The encores with John Popper are especially good. This is a special show and definately worth the download.

June 27, 1996 Irving Plaza, New York City.

Show Of The Month Volume One: March 20th, 2006. By David Landsberger.

I would like to introduce a new section called Show of the Month for More Than Meets The Ear: The Spin Doctors Archive.

June 27, 1996 Irving Plaza, New York City

I would suggest that this show is particularly special and worthy of attention. It is a rare recording in that Ivan Neville is in the band on keyboards and Anthony Krizan on guitar. Anthony left the band shortly after Ivan joined, so there weren't many gigs with both members.
Furthermore, there are some great guests. Most notabily is Nils Lofgrin, a guitar hero who is a member of both Bruce Springsteen's E-Street Band and Neil Young's Crazy Horse. Erik Lawrence and Todd Horton play horns for most of the show. And Jaik Miller of Xanax 25 sits in to sing Hard To Exist.
The band is rocking and has all of the energy of the original line up. However, with all of the extra guests and most importantly the addition of Ivan Neville, there is a different and exciting texture. Yet somehow the show has a very relaxed and lose feeling to it. Check out this show. It is well worth it!

Setlist / Download
You can download the entire show for free from the the Live Music Archive (available formats: .flac, .ogg and .mp3). Direct mp3 download: if you right-click on the song titles below, you'll download the vbr mp3s, if you click the "Play" button, you can stream the song to your computer):

Set 1:
What Time Is It
To Make Me Blue
Jimmy Olsen´s Blues
Dogs On A Doe
I Can´t Believe You´re Still With Her
She Used To Be Mine
About A Train
If Wishes Were Horses
You´ve Got To Believe In Something
Little Miss Can´t Be Wrong
That´s The Way I Like It

Set 2:
Big Fat Funky Booty -->
Shinbone Alley -->
Hard to Exist**
Scotch and Water Blues* --> Stormy Monday* --> Scotch and Water Blues* -->
Sister Sisyphus* --> Sly & The Family Stone jam*
Highway 49*
Refrigerator Car --> At This Hour --> Refrigerator Car
Forty Or Fifty -->
Bags Of Dirt

The D-Bop horns (Erik Lawrence on sax and Todd Horton on trumpet) played from "That´s The Way I Like It" until the end of the show.
*with Nils Lofgrin
** with Jaik Miller (additional vocals)
They recorded an interview before the show which was broadcast on the internet. The broadcast may have included sound-checks.

Review (by Cosmicharley, originally posted on the LMA download site)
"A wonderful show, full of hope, anticipation and the joy that comes from hosting a record release party for all your friends and closest fans. The sound quality is top notch for tapes of this era and really deserves to be listened to by true conneseurs of an early nineties jamband at the peak of their powers. The keyboards, horns, and guests all add a new dimention to the show, and the jams are a joy to behold, with some of the best segues I have heard this band play through."

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