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Frequently asked questions
All you have to know about the band... and more!

This is the Spin Doctors FAQ as some of you might know it from the old "Spin Doctors Information Page". Mark M who maintained the info site until 2002 provided this great old FAQ for the new Spin Doctors Archive.

At the moment, not all sections are really up-to-date, but we try to improve the FAQ constantly. Of course, your help is more than welcome. If you realize that there are questions about the Spins that HAVE to be answered and that are not included here, please let us know. If you even want to submit some answers, feel free to do so - of course, you will be credited for your work.

Here's a short list of what you can find in the FAQ right now:

  • Bands / Members: Basic information about the band line-up, the history of the band, about the ex-members etc.

  • Side Projects: Ever heard of Wasabi or The Give Daddy Five? Learn more about the cool side projects of the band's members.

  • Songs: Who the hell is "Jono" from "Laraby's Gang"? The stories behind the Spin Doctors songs.

  • The Spins Family: how the Spin Doctors relate to bands and artists like Blues Traveler, God Street Wine or Joan Osborne

  • Other: the band's taping policy, where to get live shows etc.
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