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More Than Meets The Ear: The Spin Doctors Archive
Mow b'jow!

Welcome to More Than Meets The Ear: The Spin Doctors Archive! This site is dedicated to the funkiest band around: the Spin Doctors.

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Last update March 3rd, 2014.

2014 Euro tour review, 2014 outlook, solo projects... More!
Rare "Bad Orange Cushions" show from 1991 added ... Click here!

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  • Latest News: What's going on in the Spin Doctors universe? Check out the latest news about the band and find out about the latest updates of this site.

  • Rare mp3s & other Spins-related downloads: Visit the Download section to hear some great live music - something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue... Also, you can find scans of the 1992-1997 Spin Doctors newsletter "At This Hour".

  • Show / Setlist Archive: Wanna know where the Spin Doctors played on June 6, 1991? Or on April 25, 1999? Or last week? Check out the Show Archive for setlists, song details, guest appearances, audio download links and so much more.

  • Discography: From "Pocket Full Of Kryptonite" to "Shag" and "Don't Go To War" - get detailed information about all Spin Doctors-related albums, singles and promotional releases, including comprehensive solo discographies.

  • FAQ: Why did Eric leave the band? And why did he return? Who is this "Jono" guy from "Laraby's Gang"? Whatever happened to Eran Tabib? Get answers to all your Spin Doctors questions...
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