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Spin Doctors Links
The Doctors on the web...

Here are some cool sites you should check out - official sites as well as fansites, band friends and Spin Doctors-related links. If your site is missing, please let us know and you will be added to the list!

Spin Doctors Official Website
All the latest news

Check out the band's official site for the latest tour news, rare mp3 tracks and general information on the band.

Spin Doctors Forum
The place to talk with thousand's of fans

Believe it or not - there is a growing Spin Doctors online community. At the Spin Doctors forum, you'll meet cool people: fans, of course. But every now and then, Chris, Aaron and Mark post to the message board as well. If you register over there, you will be able to download the latest Spin Doctors single as well as a lot of rare b-sides.

Spin Doctors @ Archive.org

Get dozens of full live shows by the band

The Spins are on Archive.org now - Archive.org is THE place to get live music, and at the moment, you can download more than 85 Spin Doctors shows over there. Legally and for free!

Official Spin Doctors eStore

Buy Spin Doctors music and merchandise online

Order Spin Doctors' latest album "Nice Talking To Me" as well as a lot of other merchandise now at the new Spins eStore. Worldwide delivery, payment via credit card.

Spin Doctors @ MySpace.com
Become a "friend" of the band

Check out the brand new Spin Doctors profile at the MySpace network. You can listen to some SD music, check out the up-coming tour dates. The site also includes a blog and info about the band. If you're a MySpace member, you can add yourself as a "friend" of the Spin Doctors. Aaron Comess runs his own MySpace site (click here to get there), and so do Mark White (here) and Chris Barron (here). The Spin Doctors Archive is on MySpace, too - click here, please.

Chris Barron

Poems, lyrics and an autobiography

Okay, it's not the most up-to-date website at all. But Chris Barron's site is worth a visit to get some more info on the brilliant Shag album and cool stuff like that. UPDATE 2007: old page is offline now, chrisbarron.com is redirected to Chris' Myspace site.

Big Entertainment Agency
Chris & Time Bandits Management

Official site of Chris' current (2007ff, that is...) management. If you want to have Chris Barron & The Time Bandits playing @ your wedding or just to stream some classic Chris / SD songs, go to this site.

Aaron Comess
His House Studios, lots of mp3s and more

Wanna hear some new cool music produced by Aaron? Want to have a look into His House Studios? Then visit Aaron's great website.

Mark White
Computer art and mp3s

Mark White offers you some of his solo mp3 stuff and an art gallery here.

Paul LaRaia
The photo guy :-)

Paul LaRaia is a friend of the band and did some of the most well-known Spin Doctors pictures. The layout of the Spin Doctors Archive is based on some Paul LaRaia shots, too - thanks again for providing them, Paul! Visit his site to see some really cool shots.

Blues Traveler Official Site
mp3s, message board, latest news

There's no need to say too much about Blues Traveler. Great band, close friends with the Spins and a nice website - just go there to get the latest news about BT and some truly great live and studio mp3s!

Blues Traveler.net
What a site!!

One of the best fan sites ever. Bt.net offers you a great setlist archive and tons of information about Blues Traveler. Highly recommended!

Ivan Neville

Ivan's site gives you the latest news about his solo projects as well as a detailed solo discography.

Get your groove on-line

Jambands.com is a great site for jam band music - show reviews, latest news, tour dates, CD and DVD reviews as well as very interesting columns and a message board. More Than Meets The Ear - The Spin Doctors Archive was featured as jambands.com Fansite Of The Month in August 2005.

MoreThanMeetsTheEar - dunkelblau Weblog
German weblog with a lot of Spins-related news

My personal weblog, written in German. Here you can find the latest news about my favourite bands (Spin Doctors, Blues Traveler, Sinéad O'Connor). It also gives you the latest news about my own musical projects as I am the singer in a band and doing some solo stuff, too.

...to be continued...

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