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Nice Talking To Aaron (Part 4/4)

Aaron, another freakish fan question for you... There was a bunch of material written for "Turn It Upside Down", songs such as "Beasts In The Wood", "Biscuit Head" or "More Than Meets The Ear". That stuff was never really played again after Eric left. Not one of those songs has resurfaced since the reunion. Is there a reason for that?
Hmm... I don't know how to answer that question... We we first got back together, at that Wetlands show... I don't know if did everything, but we did a lot of songs that night...
And then, once we started touring again, the shows were one-hour shows at first. I think we naturally gravitated towards the songs that people know. We had a lot of conversations like this: "We should try this song, or we should try that song"... But I don't think there'S any particular reason why we haven't done any of those other songs. Probably the main reason is because we've been making more room to play the newer songs. We've been focussing on the new songs from the new record and the songs the people need to hear. You know, we have to decide - we could do "Sweet Widow" or we could do "Can't Kick The Habit". And right now, we're trying to get the new material out! It's new and fresh and we are really psyched about playing this new material right now.

How do the fans react to the new stuff?
Great! That's also one of the reasons why we've been playing it so much as we try to really make it strong. And even before we made the record, when we were out doing these shows, one of the reasons why we've been playing so much new material was to try to sense live what songs were working. In a lot of ways, it takes a certain amount of balls to go out and play a new song that nobody knows. But most of the stuff worked really well which gave us a lot of encouragement about the new record.

If everything works the way it should, everyone will be singing along with the new songs in a month or two...
Let's hope. What I can guarantee: as long as everything goes well with the band and we keep doing cool shows we will definitely throw in some of that older material 'cause we love playing that stuff, too. And just for the record, you have to tell Dave Landsberger that we did "Sweet Widow" in Indianapolis about a month ago, but unfortunately, there was no taper there... (laughs)

...he'll read it once the interview is online...
...and we also did it in England!

Yeah, you said so when we met in Prague...
...but David wasn't there! He thought I was bullshitting, I told him: Hey man, we did "Sweet Widow", but he thought I was joking... So you see, sometimes we play some of that old stuff!

But I think the new material is great, too - songs such as "Saftey Pin" and "Sugar" really rock...
Thank you!

By the way, have you seen the DVD already? So far, the fans don't know what to expect from the DVD that comes with the album on September, 13th...
It's a 20-minutes-DVD on the record, including some interview footage and some live footage from the European tour. Hopefully, there will be a much longer DVD coming out later. We filmed the whole European tour and they've been filming a lot here in America since we went back so there's enough material for a full-length DVD / documentary style thing... But at first, you'll get a little taste of that with "Nice Talking To Me".

Sounds promising! Let's talk about your solo projects - do you still have the time for other things than Spin Doctors at the moment? I mean, you're really busy with the band now?
I do as much as I can. You're right, I've been really busy with the band, but whenever I am in New York, I do a lot of stuff in my studio, I'm doing sessions all the time, I do gigs... And New York Electric Piano has a new record coming out in a few weeks as well.

Another one? NYEP just released an album in spring?!
Well, no... We're talking about "Citizen Zen". They actually held back the official release in stores, so it's finally coming out in the end of September. And I am also on the new Chris Whitley record that came out just a few weeks ago. And then, I do a lot of gigs around town, I have my own band "Aaron Comess And The Air Conditioned Gypsies". It's a great bunch of musicians - it's really just like a jam band which is cool. We get together and totally improvise for an hour and a half. I am doing gigs with them whenever I have the chance - Teddy Kumpel is in it, Pat Daugherty, Stefan Crump... I love to keep myself busy with those projects. It keeps me fresh, I can't just do one thing, I would go crazy... If I go out and do other stuff, it keeps me fresh when I come back to the band. So I think it's also good for the band.

Man, we've been talking for about half an hour now, your press guy told me not to go too much over 15 or 20 minutes...
No problem, buddy...

So here's the final question: "Nice Talking To Me" will be released on the same day as Blues Traveler's "Bastardos". I am pretty sure this is just a coincidence. Nevertheless: can the fans hope for BT/SD double bill shows in the near future?
I don't know. I hope so, it'd be a lot of fun. I honestly have not had a lot of contact with those guys in years. Last time I saw John Popper was in Dallas last year at a show. Yeah, I'm sure it would be a lot of fun. I would imagine that at some point it'll end up happening. But there hasn't been any talk about it between us, to be honest with you. But hey - who knows, it's possible. But right now, we are really focussing on getting out there and playing shows and trying to do as much promotion for the record as we can. We're doing everything we can to get the word out that the Spin Doctors have a new record. So yeah, it is a coincidence that their record is coming out on the same day. But it's kind of cool and hopefully, our paths will cross and we can do some shows together. That would be a lot of fun for the band and for the people, too...

Aaron, thanks a lot for answering all that questions for the Spin Doctors Archive!
No problem - by the way, your site rocks. Thanks for doing this - you'll get free tickets for life, buddy! (laughs) Now I better get running 'cause I have to leave in about half an hour, have to drive in the van for the next three hours.

Thanks again, and may "Nice Talking To Me" get all the attention it deserves!
Thank you, sir!

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