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More Than Meets The Ear: The Spin Doctors Archive
About this site

This is More Than Meets The Ear: The Spin Doctors Archive, a website dedicated to the music of Spin Doctors. Based on the contents of two previous sites (More Than Meets The Ear - A Tribute To Spin Doctors and The Spin Doctors Information Page), The Spin Doctors Archive collects all basic information about the band, the band member's side projects and the band's history. This is a private website and not the band's official homepage. To visit Spin Doctors' official site, please check out our Links section.

Website owner
The Spin Doctors Archive is run by:

Daniel Heinze
Haferkornstrasse 31
D-04129 Leipzig
Germany, Europe
eMail: info@spindoctors-archive.com

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Click here for details.
Album cover scans, pictures, logos and any other original and/or copyrighted artwork is used by permission and NOT licensed under a CC License.

The Spin Doctors Archive
contains material collected and / or maintained by

Mark M
(Show Archive [1989-1998]), FAQ and Songs)
Daniel Heinze
(Disco, Links, Download, News, FAQ, Show Archive [1999 - today]),
David Landsberger (parts of the FAQ update)
DJE and Chris Sink (At This Hour Newsletter Archive).


Questions, comments, additions? Yes, please!!

You've got a question about this site? You want to tell us what you like about it and what not? Even better, you want to contribute something (scans, photos, setlists) to the Spin Doctors Archive? Please feel free to do so!

Get in touch with us by sending an eMail to info@spindoctors-archive.com

Credits & Deferences
This project would not have been possible without the help of the following folks:

Emme - site design, presets, templates. All that technical stuff. Man, without you, this site would not exist! On behalf of the entire Spin Doctors online community: Thank you for doing all this for free in your spare time - we highly appreciate your work. Shhh, folks - you have to know that Emme is not even a Spins fan :-)

Paul LaRaia - thanks for providing photo material to create the design of this site.

Mark M
- thanks for "bequeathing" me the all the precious data from the Spin Doctors Information Page! Hopefully, all that stuff will have a cozy new home here :-) Spin Doctors fans all around the world, give credit to this guy!!

Thanks to all of the people who contributed set-lists to create the classic Setlist file that is now part of the Show Archive. Credit must be given to Scott Bernstein for starting the file and Dave Engleman, who maintained it up to the September 14, 1994 Jay Leno appearance. Jesse Jarnow then took care of the file through the 1994 European summer tour, and from then through 1996 he and Dylan Behan ran it. Mark M has taken care of the file since then and kept it up-to-date until 2001.

Matthias Frommann
- thanks for helping me with the old version of the MTMTE website (2002-2005) and all your invaluable encouragement.

, Eric, Aaron, Mark as well as Ivan, Anthony, Eran and Carl - thanks for making all that great music. Thanks for for allowing taping at shows. This site includes mp3s recorded by fans at live shows only, which is fine with the band and the band's management. To get the band's studio recordings and support the boys, visit your local record store.

David Landsberger
- thanks for your help on updating the FAQ section and for being a true friend.

Chris Sink - thanks for the "At This Hour" scans. Good work!

Thanks to all the tapers and traders out there who help to spread the vibe.

Special thanks to Nick Fiorello, Sean Kinane, Dan Levy, Dave Mallick, Tim Vega (R.I.P.), Robert Kratzsch, Robby Rösner, Teddy Kumpel and Tim Givens.

Finally, special thanks to JB, the webmaster of the band's official site and the Spin Doctors forum.

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