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Spin Doctors setlist file
How it all started...

This is the original info about the old set list file which is now merged into the Show Archive database. Written by Mark M.

Welcome to the most complete source for Spin Doctors setlists. This page is now complete, in the sense that the entire file is now on this page. These pages attempt to document all of the setlists from performances by the Spin Doctors. TV and radio appearences are included. In case you don't know, a setlist is the list of songs played at a given show, or more accurately, in a give set. Because Spin Doctors are such a live oriented band--or certainly were back in "the day"--their setlists change often and so are documented.

The sources of these setlists range from people who've written down the songs at a concert to people who have live tapes of the band, all the way to setlists posted to the Spins-Net by Mark White.

On November 26, 1994 Mark White made a massive posting of (apparently) every Spins date since he joined the band with every set-list from January 1993 through November 26, 1994. Thank you Mark! Many of the set-lists that Mark posted were in database form without segues, set breaks, or encores. The lists were then put into correct form, and any spelling mistakes and other jazzy stuff were corrected. Mark White also contributed about half of the 1997 set-lists.

Thanks to all of the people who contributed set-lists. Credit must be given to Scott Bernstein for starting the file and Dave Engleman, who maintained it up to the September 14, 1994 Jay Leno appearance. Jesse Jarnow then took care of the file through the 1994 European summer tour, and from then through 1996 he and Dylan Behan ran it. Mark M has taken care of the file (and created this web-page) since then.

There is no claim that all of these set lists are completely accurate. In some cases, small set lists indicate that's all someone had on tape, not necessarily that's all the Spin Doctors played. Many shows, especially in the earlier years, have no setlists shown, which is because the set-lists are unknown, but what it is known is that there was a concert.

Very few setlists are missing since the beginning of 1993, but a lot are missing from before that. Please remember that this file is essentially run by all the fans, so please send any setlists that you have that this page does not [to us].

The setlist file 2001 - today
The story continues...

The last third of the show archive (1999 - today) wasn't part of the old setlist file. Daniel Heinze started to collect all show dates and set lists since the 2001 reunion show. Those gig dates archive was part of Daniel's More Than Meets The Ear - A Tribute To Spin Doctors site. This site went offline in July 2005, just a few weeks before the launch of the Spin Doctors Archive, the site you're visting right now.
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