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News archive
Including news from 2001 up to March 2005.

Here you can find older news from 2002 - March 2005. You can also read the great Road Journal from Chris Barron. He wrote this one during the 2002 "Below The Radar" reunion tour.

Most of the old 2002/2003 news consited of setlist information or date changes. All tour dates are now situated in the show archive, so you won't find them within the news section anymore.

Spin Doctors at the Archa Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic
March, 18th, 2005

Here's the review I wrote about the show at the official forum.

    Well... Don't know where to start, really. First things first: I just arrived in Leipzig again after one of the most fascinating, most exciting, best weekends I ever had. 'Cause I was in Prague, to see the Docs!! But that's only a small part of the whole story. There are so many memories popping into my mind right now that it'll be tough to write a stringent review or at least something similar to that. But I'll try, nonetheless.

    It all started on Friday morning, leaving town in a very high and anticipating mood. We (one of my best friends did the trip with me) arrived at the Prague main station early afternoon. The plan was to meet David Landsberger at the hotel (luckily, we could arrange staying at the same place), and we succeeded. What a strange situation - I've known David from the Spins mailing list, from trading tapes and from e-mailing every now and then for more than ten years by now. Strange to knock on some hotel room's door and to meet that guy finally. It was like seeing some dear old buddy you're familiar with for years from the first sentence we spoke to the last. Of course, the first thing we did was exchanging some Spin Doctors live show stuff :-)

    Fast forward to 5.30pm. David, my friend and me had to find that Archa theatre located somewhere in central Prague. To meet another dear friend of mine there and to see the soundcheck if possible. Well, we found the venue even before the band arrived - so there was more than enough time to eat something.

    Well - all the things happening after that still seem somewhat surreal to me... You have to know that I am one of those poor European die-hard fans who never ever had the chance to see the Doctors live before, so I was excited about finally seeing a show. The fact of experiencing the Spins live for the first time would have been enough for me to make it a night to remember. I never thought of watching the band's soundcheck, seeing Eric rehearsing "Safety Pin". Or of David introducing me to Mark and Aaron during the soundcheck. Of Aaron and Mark remembering me from countless e-mail chat we had within the last ten years. But it was exactly like that, and it made my day already.

    Of course, the soundcheck wasn't the last highlight. The Spin Doctors played a brilliant show that was really fun. We danced, we sang, we yelled like there was no tomorrow. The nerdy freakish die-hard Spins fan in me could complain about the setlist being average. But honestly, it didn't matter at all. This was MY show, this was OUR show, and it was nothing else but fantastic. The band was in a good mood, the crowd was REALLY appreciative, some 300 or 400 Czech people singing and dancing all the time. It was soo good to see all those people really having fun that night. "Funky funky Praha" indeed. It was fantastic seeing Chris smiling on Eric while he was in some parallel universe soloing like a madman. Mark grinning all night long. Aaron playing like a god. It was heart-warming to see David having fun as hell, too.

    After the show, which ended with a collective tour ending bow from both the Spins and the guys and gals of David R Black, we had the chance to talk to all the band members again. Call me a fanatic, but it was just great to talk to Chris about some old forgotten Spins songs and about touring, the new record and all that stuff for about 15 minutes. To shake hands and chat with Eric and Aaron - wow, you guys are so friendly to your fans. As someone else posted to this forum recently, they have the ability of turning the whole show experience into something real special, personal and individual for you. It was exactly like that.

    Well, this unbelievably cool night ended at our hotel room, the four of us listening to David's sweet sweet recording of the show we just saw. David and I chatted about Spin Doctors like it was the most important thing in the world all night. Guess what time it was when we decided to go to bed finally. It was not late, it was just early. Early.

    There are so many more little stories I'd love to tell you. Memories of me standing at the venue's bar begging for a beer - but the barkeepers just weren't able to give me one, as they were listening and watching to Eric's fantastic solo during "Can't Kick The Habit"! Memories of Chris talking Czech to the audience, Eric dedicating "Genuine" to "the entire Czech Republic with love". Memories of talking to a tired but happy David R (of David R Black; he is a really really nice guy and a great musician by the way) after the show. Of David L and me getting lost in the hotel and exploring Prague together the next day. Wow, there are so many more memories.

    But I think I'll stop here. Wished you all were there, at the Spin's final show of the European tour. It was great. Now, I am sitting here in my flat again, listening to the show, trying to remember what I just experienced the last days. I'm so glad that I got to know David - man, get home safe tonight! I'm pretty sure we'll meet again. And yeah - it feels good to be an ex-Spin Doctors live virgin ;-)
    Check out Davids live recording of it once it's up at archive.org to get a slight impression of how great it was and how much the whole thing meant to me.


    PS: Once again, thanks Aaron, Chris, Eric and Mark for the show and for your music in general.You guys are just badass...

Euro Tour: Film crew joins the doctors!
March, 5th, 2005

The European tour just started (see "Tour coverage site" for details), and the good news from the band don't stop: Seems like a camera team is accompaigning the band during the whole tour to make a documentary about the band. Here's Ruffnation Film's official press release as posted on the official Spin Doctors forum:

    "RuffNation Films has teamed up with the Spin Doctors to film a feature length documentary revealing their life on the road. Rich Murray, director of dozens of award winning music videos and, most recently, the feature film "Snipes" has taken the helm to bring viewing audiences the Spin Doctors at their energetic best. Murray will be filming the group as they travel Europe performing for crowds of fans that have awaited their return. The film will introduce fans to brilliant new material from the band, as well as performances of old favorites. It is also a reunion for the Spin Doctors and Rich Murray, who have worked together on many of the classic Spin Doctors' music videos."

Brilliant tour start according to the fans
March 1st, 2005

At the official site's forum, the fans talk about great shows the Doctors did in Swansea and Southampton. Everyone is having a blast and the band seems to be in high spirits, performing old crowd favorites such as "Refrigerator Car" as well as brand new material. In other news, the band is joined by a RuffNation Films camera team - the team works on a documentary about the Spin Doctors' first European tour since more than 10 years.

Spin Doctors Europe 2005 Tour
February, 27th, 2005

For the first time since 1994, the original Spin Doctors toured the UK, Holland and the Czech Republic. This site brings you setlists, reviews etc collected from different sources from all over the web. If you want to share something with us concerning the Euro tour, feel free to contribute. Drop me a line: daniel (at) dunkelblau-online.de!

European tour starts Tuesday, March 1st!
February, 26th, 2005

Finally - this century's first European Spin Doctors tour kicks off on Tuesday, March 1st. Here are the tour dates as announced on the official site:

03/01/05 Swansea, Wales, UK, Patti Pavillion
03/03/05 Southampton, England, UK, The Brook
03/04/05 London, England, UK, Mean Fiddler
03/05/05 Sheffield, England, UK, The Corporation
03/06/05 Nottingham, England, UK, Rescue Rooms
03/08/05 Wavendon, England, UK, The Stables
03/10/05 Wolverhampton, England, UK, The Robin 2
03/11/05 Manchester, England, UK, Academy
03/12/05 Glasgow, Scotland, UK, Renfrewshire Ferry
03/13/05 Leeds, England, UK, The Cockpit
03/16/05 Frome, England, UK, Cheese & Grain
03/17/05 Breda, Holland, Mezz Concerts & Dance
03/18/05 Prague, Czech Republic, Archa Theatre

New mp3's @ official Spin Doctors website
January, 14th, 2005

Check out the official Spin Doctors website: listen to some great rare mp3's (e.g. "Scotch & Water Blues" from the YLYHGTF blues EP, one of my favorite SD tracks ever) and discuss with more than 100 Spins fans from all over the world! Great to see the official site is improving - let's hope for a funky funky 2005 with a lot of Spin Doctors' stuff going on... Of course, my little website will keep you updated with new mp3's and news, too... ;-)

Spin Doctors record new CD & tour Europe in March '05
December, 9, 2004

Hi everyone, it's been a while since the last update. So get ready for a lot of great news from our favorite band.

End of November, the Spin Doctors returned from Los Angeles where they recorded a new album with producer Matt Wallace (worked with Maroon 5, Blues Traveler, Faith No More to name a few). On his website aaroncomess.com, Aaron writes that the songs sound great and fans should expect a release in late spring or early summer 2005.

In other news, the band finally announced dates for the long-rumored European tour!
In March 2005, the doctors will play a lot of shows in the UK, and there are a few more dates to come. So far, the following tour dates are officially planned:

03/01/05 Tuesday Swansea, Wales, UK Patti Pavillion
03/03/05 Thursday Southampton, England, UK The Brook
03/04/05 Friday London, England, UK Mean Fiddler
03/05/05 Saturday Sheffield, England, UK The Corporation
03/06/05 Sunday Nottingham, England, UK Rescue Rooms
03/09/05 Wednesday Tyneside, England, UK Park Hotel
03/10/05 Thursday Wolverhampton, England, UK The Robin R&B Club (The Robin 2)
03/11/05 Friday Manchester, England, UK Academy
03/12/05 Saturday Glasgow, Scotland, UK Renfrew Ferry
03/13/05 Sunday Leeds, England, UK Irish Assembly Rooms

Before heading to Europe, the boys will do another gig in the US:

01/28/05 Friday Billings, Montana Magic City Blues Fest

All those dates are confirmed by the band's official website. For schedule changes etc. please check out the official site as often as you can. It's here: spindoctors.com, and it's great.

Band changes fall plans, UK gigs postponed?
September, 23rd, 2004

It seems the rumored UK tour won't happen this fall. In an e-mail statement, Mark White explains: "We are going into the studio in Oct. and because of that we had to push everything back a couple of months, So I think we will be over there in the late winter." But this does not mean the band will not make it to Europe at all: "Don't worry we are are looking forward to going over there, but I supposed it would be better to get the record done first", Mark wrote.

Nevertheless, on several UK sites (see the older news below) you can still buy tickets for the planned gigs. Here's an advice to all UK/European fans: don't buy any tickets until anything is confirmed on the band's official website, because there's a good chance the dates will be shifted to 2005.

Mark White appears on The Stamps' debut album
August, 17th, 2004

Spin Doctors bass player Mark White will be a special guest on a new CD to be released later this year. Label/studio site vagrantrecords.com reports that Mark performs on the first full length CD of NYC-based band The Stamps. According to the site, the album will be released in fall 2004. "The Stamps" seem to be a project by a guy called Raquel Rivera - the "full lenght debut" is announced since 2003, but this time vagrantrecords.com reported the Stamps finally "finished mixing down" the CD. So far, there is no release date or detailed information on the CD available.

September tour dates confirmed
updated August, 13th, 2004

After touring the whole summer throughout the US, the Spin Doctors announced
some more live dates for September. According to the band’s official website,
the Doctors will play the followings shows next month:

09/05/04 Indianapolis, Indiana, Rib America Festival
09/06/04 St. Paul, Minnesota, Labor Day Blue Ribbon Jam @ The Minnesota State Fairgrounds
09/09/04 Grand Praire, Texas, Lone Star Park w/ Joan Jett
09/10/04 Louisville, Kentucky, Rib America Festival @ Waterfront Park
09/11/04 Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Middle Tennessee State University @ MTSU Murphy Center
09/12/04 Cincinnati, Ohio, Cincinnati Chili Fest

Aaron talks about the new album
March 31st, 2004

On the Spins mailing list, people who were at the shows last year report that Chris was talking about a new album by the Doctors. They write new stuff, and even started to perform brand new songs such as "Happily Ever After".

Aaron Comess told me the following in Febuary 2004:

"the spin doctors have been getting together every 6 weeks or so at my studio here
in nyc to write/record new songs..its been going good and we have some great new songs in the works.....
hopefully we will get a new record out there in the next 6 months to year...
we are trying to take our time and get some great songs together and find the right label to go with....
in the mean time we will be doing some gigs this summer...
take care and hope to see you in europe some time soon"

Check out this website as well as the official one and the message boards for new information. Go there by visiting the links section.

Spins join "New World Disorder" Tour
June 2002

The Doctors are alive, now more than ever: Our favorite band joins the "New World Disorder" Tour 2002, together with Gin Blossoms, 7 Mary 3 and Sponge.
The tour starts in early July and goes on until September 2002 - all in all about 25 gigs for our boys. For more information and all dates and venues, check out the official tour website. In other news, the boys write new songs at the moment. So hopefully we'll get some new tunes and a new record soon!

Road musings from Chris Barron...
Spin Doctors' "Below The Radar" spring 2002 tour Road Journal

Dan Levy handed that stuff to the Spins mailing list. Chris' thoughts on the tour so far.
Thanks for sharing, Dan. Thanks for writing, Chris :-)

April 24th, 2002
dear diary

shout out to tim diaz who won best singer guitar player in detroit. he was with robert
bradley but now he's doing his own thing because he's just too talented to be a sideman although he'd never say it that way. he's way too modest. look for him. he's on the way.
shout out to al, the cabbie. good call on the grub. i bet that witchy woman is still holding the clark.

i havn't the slightest idea where i am. it's nine in the morning and i just rolled out of my bunk into a truckstop, we left ann arbor, michigan at two in the anti meridian and "alabama" allan thrasher has been driving all night so...you do the math and tell me.

powdered grits and over-uneasy eggs, bacon and rye toast, the squat and unfriendly lady in the restaurant had a long, long braid and one of those hats that has no tops - just a visor. there's a melancholy to the road even when you're having the time of your life. there's always someone to miss. the road is like a whispering presence that gets into the back of your head and reminds you that many things you love are getting farther away.

the music however, is also a presence. she is thirty feet tall and angry-joyous, sweetly-hungry, stomping like a giant. she kisses the stars and then eats tokyo. she's here with me now, hand-a-shoulder, waiting, waiting through the day for that sweet two hours that come when the clock gets around to saying, "go."

clifton park, new york, april 25th, 2002
gray and the king of spain

shout out to wolf and ellen who had us on their show this morning, w.p.y.x. 106.5, yeah.
the sullen rain descends on clifton park like a patina on a '49 mercury pickup truck. the downtrodden greens of the new leaves seem to weep for the memory of a gladder afternoon. the wait is on. sometime in the later the music waits silent and the rain, rain, rain, keeps time on the newborn grass, drives inward the strolling thoughts and delivers delicious reverie to the confined, like a cheap print of sunshine on a hotel wall.

it's great to be together. eric, aaron and mark, hilarious, talkative, musical remembering a gig gone wrong, an amazing meal, a long, long, long, long drive from one nowhere to another, a machine that broke or a person that broke. it's, "what happened to?" and "has anybody heard from?" setlists and sound checks, tunes we ought to ... and howabouts, the music is along for the ride and we are her subjects.

meanwhile, the rain, rain, rain falls on the parking lots of clifton park and i think
about wine for the king of spain.

april 27th, 2002 poughkeepsie, n.y.
the spires of poughkeepsie

shout out to sugar ray for being so cool to us, bringing me on stage for their last song and of course, rocking the house.

two crows glide past the spires of poughkeepsie. the wispy sky reclines behind the awakened trees. a sleepy day at the grand hotel, telivision watching, eyelid gazing, shower and an old diner.

last night the music was a godzilla. rampaging across the stage like a dinosaur shark fighting piranha in a rusty tank. we grinned at each other and the music raised us to the heavens in her white hot hand. every note a risk, teeth in a tigers head, carnivorous, relentless, gentle then vicious.

now for the grinding hours until we play tonight.

The Spin Doctors are back together

The Spin Doctors "original" line-up (that is, the first steady line up they had) of Chris Barron (vocals), Aaron Comess (drums), Eric Schenkman (guitar, vocals), and Mark White (bass) is back together. Following the sucess of the Wetlands show on 9/7/01, the Spin Doctors threw together an 8 date reunion tour on which they played a set of most Pocket Full of Kryptonite songs, and a handful of Turn It Upside Down and Homebelly Groove . . . Live songs. A new tour, new songs, and even a new album are all on tap for the future.

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