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Latest site updates, additions, contributions, changes...

What's new at The Spin Doctors Archive? Check this changelog regularly to stay up to date - by checking back often, you won't miss any minor and major SD Archive update.

Post-Euro tour update

- News section: Euro tour review, 2014 outlook, current solo projects
- Aaron solo discography: added releases by Roswell Rudd and Dave Rave (both 2013)
- Chris solo discography: added releases by Curtis Peoples (2008), Jono Manson (2014). Plus: "One Life Many Voices" sampler (2006) added.

Monster update, finally!

- News section: news round-up for 2013 / Aaron round-up
- Aaron solo discography: added releases by Garland Jeffreys, Doug Wamble, Amy Regan, Luke Dick.
- Chris solo discography: added releases by Dirty Socks Funtime Band, Mike Gordon of Phish, Luz Casal, Lach and Joey DeGraw.
- Eric solo discography: added releases by Corky Laing, Lis Soderberg, Jerome Godboo Trio
- Mark solo discography: added a release by Clarice Cliff Rock Band.

"If The River Was Whiskey" updates

The Spins treat us with a brand new album - yayyy! Added details about the upcoming release on the News and Discography sites. Also check out the Show Archive for setlists and downloads from the 2013 UK / Spain tour.

News update

It's Euro tour time - and we've added a little news update about the shows and the news album in the News section.

News and discography updates

Added info about the "Spinning Traveler" show that took place earlier in October as well as about the 2013 European tour. Also, Aaron's solo discography got an update with four brand new releases.

News & tour/setlist archive updates

New blues album and 2013 UK tour info added to the News page, tour dates announced for 2013 added to the tour/setlist archive. All newly available downloads from archive.org added to the download / setlist sections.

News & discography updates

Check out our latest news round-up here. Also, the Chris Barron Solo Discography, the Aaron Comess Solo Discography and the Spin Doctors Album Discography were updated.

"Bad Orange Cushions" download

Just added a very rare recording of the Spins side project Bad Orange Cushions from 1991. Check it out at our downloads section!


News & discography updates, concert dates

News round up on the Spins re-releasing PFOK and touring the UK and the USA, solo discography updates - new releases featuring Eric, Chris and - of course - Aaron. 2011 summer tour dates added to the 2011 Show Archive.

News & discography updates

Long time no talk! We're getting ready for the PFOK 20th anniversary year with a 2010 news wrap up and an outlook on what's to come in 2011 in the news section. The Aaron and Chris solo discographies got updated, too. Ah, and we're on Facebook now, too. Join us here to get the latest news first.

New show downloads, download section overhaul

Two Spin Doctors 1997 shows and two The Give Daddy 5 shows added as .zip files for your downloading pleasure. Also, we added some Chris Barron solo / side bands show dates to the setlist archive. That way, you are now able to browse all Spins-related music that is available either at archive.org or on this site.

News update, discograhy updates

Lots of news added today - click here. Also added "Mighty Kate" to the Aaron solo discography and Robert Graham's disc "Storm In A Teacup" to Eric's solo discography.


Aaron solo discography, news etc.

Major update on the discography - added about a dozen of albums to the Aaron Comess solo discography, added another rather obscure "Greatest Hits" collection from 2008 etc. And of course, there's a news update including all the latest news from the band members.

News update

Time for an update of the News section - Chris finally released Pancho And The Kid and is touring in Spain and Iraq, Aaron is jamming with old buddy Teddy Kumpel and the Spins are playing a small tour in July. Check out all the details here.
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New releases, plans for 2009

Lots of updates today: a new interview with Aaron about the band's 2009 plans as well as all details for the new Best Of-Release "Playlist" (News Section). Also, lots of details added to Aaron's, Chris' and the band album discography pages.

Mark White news

Happy 2009, everyone! Check out the news page for details on Mark White leaving The Mighty Orq and joining The Heavy Pets. Also, check back soon for a discography update and some news on the band's plans for 2009.

Aaron / Chris solo discography updates

Just added a large Aaron Comess discography update incorporating a lot of new releases into the site (Ivan Rubenstein-Gillis, True Nature, Carrie Rodriguez, Kevin Bents, John Hegner, Will King, Peter Rainbird, Brian Speaker, Peter Murray). Click here for all the details. Also added the upcoming True Nature release at Chris' solo discography.

News round-up, Aaron discog update

Check out the News for a round-up on the band member's solo current solo projects and the Aaron Comess solo discography for details on Aaron's contributions to the latest Saul Zonana, NYEP and Roman Klun releases.

News, Eric Schenkman disco

Summer's almost over, so it's time for an update on what's the only up-to-date Spin Doctors website at the moment. ;) Check the news section for detailed infos on Mark's and Aaron's fall plans and on Chris who - besides playing solo and Time Bandits shows - is on TV pretty soon. Also, two rather odd additions to the Eric Schenkman solo discography: a Canadian kids rock album Eric played guitar on and a release by Canadian band "The Stickmen" where Eric co-wrote one track.
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FAQ and Discography updates, News

Thanks to considerate SD-Archive reader Trudatman and Stuart, we were able to update the FAQ and Discography sections. While Trudatman shared info on a very early Spin Doctors demo tape from 1989 (scroll down to the very end of this site to read about it), Stuart submitted some details on the post-Eric Schenkman tryouts in 1995. Thank you, guys! If you have corrections / additions etc. too, please don't hesitate to contact us. Also, there's a short update on recent Spin Doctors touring at the News page as well as some details on the online availability status of Chris' Pancho And The Kid album.

News available as RSS feed

The news on Spin Doctors and its members posted posted to this website are now also availavble as an RSS feed via SD-Archives' Myspace blog. The news will be posted there the same time they appear on this site. That way, you can stay up-to-date with what's happening without checking the site twice a day. If interested, copy THIS ADRESS into your feedreader and enjoy.

Interview with Aaron / Song FAQ updates

Alright, more updates for y'all... Just added a short interview with Aaron about what's happening in Spin Doctors land in 2008. You can read it in the news section. Answers to two more Spins-song-related questions are given at the Spin Doctors Songs FAQ section: "What about the song „I Must Be The King“ – is it a Spin Doctors song?" And: "I heard a version of „Can’t Kick The Habit” with strings and stuff that was different from the “Nice Talking To Me” version…" Wanna know the answers? Click here... ;)


News and discography updates

For a comprehensive Spin Doctors news round-up, go to the News Section. Also added: details on the new Chris Barron DVD "Live At Atmosphere Lounge" (Chris Barron Solo Discography) and details on Jamie Laboz' "Green Album" featuring Aaron on drums (Aaron Comess Solo Discography). Chris' new management website added to Links section.

Tons of new live material

Long time no talk... But finally, here's part one of our major end-of-year update to sd-archive.com. Check out the Chris Barron Downloads page as it has not one, not two but FIVE new shows for you: two full Chris & The Time Bandits shows from June 2007, a soundboard track of Chris and Jon Loyd opening for Regina Spektor, a rare 1995 Fun Bunnies show from the Nightingale and some obscure John Popper Project jams featuring Chris from 2004.

Furthermore, there's a new feature in the Chris Barron Downloads section: from now on, you can stream all shows with your Winamp. The streaming option is also available for the Misc MP3s section. Enjoy, and check back soon - there are more updates to come.

New live show download

We are happy to announce that you can download an entire 2007 show of Chris Barron And The Time Bandits now. Just visit the Download section and enjoy Chris and his brand new backing band performing at the Iota Club & Cafe in Clarendon, VA!

"New" Chris Barron mp3 downloads, discography updates etc.

Check out the Download section for some classic 1988 Chris Barron recordings: recently, some vintage Blues Traveler show recordings from 1988 got resurrected in the Blues Traveler scene, and some of these show had Chris Barron playing in between sets. Really cool and bluesy stuff from a 20-years-young Chris Barron. Check out the files here, thanks to Dave Mallick for providing them.

Also, we updated the News section with the latest news on Chris' and Aaron's solo activites, and there are some updates in Aaron's discography section, too. Last but not least, there's a small update in the Songs FAQ: What's the story behind "Miss America"? Enjoy all the new stuff - more to come soon. Daniel


Show Of The Month Volume Four

Download the latest Show Of The Month! This time, we introduce you to one of the coolest shows of the March 2005 UK run: March 6th, Nottingham. Listen to a rare live rendition of "Tonight You Can Steal Me Away" as well as rocking classic tracks such as "Shinbone Alley" and "Lady Kerosene". Click here and enjoy.

Chris solo discography update

Visit the Chris Barron solo discography as it just got updated! It now includes details on Chris' 2005 collaboration with the Dirty Sock Funtime Band and on the "Pancho & The Kid" pre-release edition that Chris sold on his June 2006 Ireland / Spain tour.

Review of upcoming Aaron Comess solo album added

SpinDoctors-Archive.com is proud to present the first review of Aaron Comess' upcoming solo album "Catskills Cry". It's a wonderful album full of instrumental music and it will be released this fall. We had the pleasure to listen to a pre release copy of it (Thanks, Aaron, you're the man!) and want to share our excitement about Aaron's solo debut. Click here to read the full story.

Eric Schenkman side projects FAQ updated

Just added some information about one of Eric's side projects: Cork, the band he released two discs with in 1998 and 2003. Read more about it in the Side Projects FAQ.

New "Show Of The Month", more downloads

After a night of problems with the server and the traffic limits etc., we're happy to offer you the complete download section again: some mp3's from the misc mp3 section had disappeared within the last weeks, but now they're all back for your listening pleasure. Additionally, check out the latest "Show Of The Month". This time, we introduce you to one of the real nuggets on the Live Music Archive, a classic Spinning Traveler show from October 1990 including 3 hours of wonderful music by the Spins and Blues Traveler.

Another Chris Barron solo show added

We're proud to annonce that there is another Chris Barron solo show available for mp3 download exclusively throuh SpinDoctors-Archive.com. It's a recording of Chris' show at Whelan's, Dublin from June 11th and it features lots of fresh material from his up-coming solo disc "Pancho And The Kid" as well as some Shag tracks and some Spin Doctors classics (such as "Laraby's Gang" and a cool version of "Two Princes"). Click here to download the show. Again, thanks to the wonderful David Landsberger for recording the show and providing it to our website.

New "Show Of The Month" download

Check out the latest Show Of The Month - this time, we introduce you to the lengenday second night of the Spin Doctors' two-night stand at The Bottom Line in 1994. As always, you can stream or download the show directly from this site or from the Live Music Archive.

Aaron Comess Solo Discography update

Visit the Aaron Comess Solo Discography section for newly added details on the 1995 release "Automobility" by Michael Parrish. Aaron Comess played drums on six tracks of this album.


Chris Barron Solo Discography update

Some details about Chris' contributions to Boots Ottestad's 2004 solo record and Blues Traveler's 1989 demo tape "Dropping Some NYC" were added to the Chris Barron Solo Discgraphy.


New official downloads; FAQ update

There are two more mp3s added to the downloads section on the band's official site: "Jambalaya" and "Crosscut Saw". Check out the Official Downloads page in the Discography section to read about those tracks and how to get them for free. Visit the FAQ section, too as you'll find a new answer about Aaron Comess' recent solo and band projects (Side Project FAQ).

2006-04-01 (late)
Songs / FAQ update

Even more updates for y'all today... Check out the updated FAQ for a new story on the Spin Doctors song "Sugar" (it's in the Songs FAQ). Visit the Songs section, too - you'll find some additions to the Original Songs section (watch out for the tracks that were recorded for HCTB but remain unreleased) and in the Cover section, too.

2006-04-01 (early)
Discography restructured

Again, some updates in the Discography section. Please note the entirely new Official Downloads list including all mp3 and video releases that were/are provided via spindoctors.com. Also, the menu on the left page side was re-organized. You're now able to click through the entire Discography from every sub-site. Some minor changes on the single sites, as well.

Discography update

Check out the updated Chris Barron Solo Discography to learn more about the Pancho's Lament album "Leaving Town Alive". Chris appears on two tracks of this 2004 release. There are some small updates in the Spin Doctors Promo and Spin Doctors Singles section, too.

Dowload section relaunch

Check out the new Download section - it's kind of a front-end to the shows available on the Live Music Archive, highlighting a new "Show Of The Month" every month. The old Misc mp3s are still available, and so is the Chris solo show from February 2006. Check out the News section, too. Here, you'll get the latest infos on the band and the recent Chris/Aaron-solo-projects.

Full Chris Barron solo show available for download!!

Click here to download Chris Barron's solo show at the Sidewalk Café in NYC from February 10th, 2006. Thanks to David Landsberger for providing this fine recording...

Links section

Just added the URLs of Aaron's and Mark's MySpace sites. You'll find the links here.

Discography and News update

Today's update includes details about the WTTS compilation from fall 2005 (check the Discography section) as well as additional info on Aaron's up-coming solo record and Chris' February 2006 shows at the Sidewalk Café (check News section to learn more).

Chris Barron solo discography update

Just added the CD "A Gift Of Love - Deepak presents music inspired by the Love poems of Rumi" to the Chris Barron Solo Discography. Chris recites a short poem on this 1998 release. Click here and scroll down to read more details on this release.


News and discography update

Here's the first 2006 update: check the News section to learn more about Aaron Comess' first solo release and a new NYEP record. There's also a minor update on the album site in the Discography section, some details about the "Live 2002" mp3 release were added.

Discography and news updates

Most likely the last major update in 2005: in the Discography Section, some new compilations including Spin Doctors live recordings were added. Check the News Section for details on Chris Barron's January 06 solo shows in NYC and the Spin Doctor's contribution to the soundtrack of the new Adam Sandler movie "Grandma's Boy".
Another minor change: If you're looking for news entries older than March 2005, check out the updated News Archive.

Little Christmas present for you / New search feature added

A cool year with a lot of great Spin Doctors music is ending... So get your Christmas present from The Spin Doctors Archive now! Check out the download section to get two mp3s of Chris Barron performing Christmas songs.

Another small addition to the site: The Show Archive now offers a list of all permanently available Spin Doctors live show recordings - just click on the link provided below the search options. Hey, and merry Christmas everyone!

FAQ update; "Dog Train" details added

Another addition to the band FAQ: "15. What kind of guitars, effects & amps does Eric use?" Some forum members discussed this lately, and the FAQ now includes the basic informations about Eric's equiment. Thanks to all the folks who contributed to this subject. Click here and scroll down to the very end of the site to read the new FAQ answer.

Small update on "Dog Train", Sandra Boynton's latest book / CD. The Spin Doctors contributed to this funny children rock album by performing the opening track "Tantrum". To learn more about the CD and the song, check out the Compilations page in the Discography section.

Classic live shows, cover songs

Check out the News section - the latest entry points you to some truly great classic Spin Doctors live recordings that were uploaded to the Live Music Archive recently. In the Aaron Comess Solo Discography, you'll find more details about Aaron's contribution to the latest Chris Whitley album, "Soft Dangerous Shores", now. Finally, the Cover Songs section was updated a little bit, too - thanks to Spin Doctors fan Joe McLean from Bristol, UK.


"Dog Train" released

The highly anticipated new book/CD by Sandra Boynton is out now. "Dog Train" features the Spin Doctors on one track (the opening track, by the way). To learn more about the album, check out the Latest News and the Spin Doctors Discography - as well as the Show Archive as a record release party for "Dog Train" just took place today.

Solo discographies updated

Check out the latest additions to the Aaron Comess solo discography - find out about Aaron's contribution to Mitch Linker's first solo album and read details about the wonderful new NYEP album "Citizen Zen". Small update on Mark White's solo discography as well.

More free mp3s available

Just added two more great and rare mp3s to the Download section: my favorite version of Chris' song "At The Stable" from 2000 and a classic 1991 performance of "Dart Tossin' Blues" from the Unreleased Gems compilation.


New mp3 available

To get a very rare version of "Cleopatra's Cat", performed in the Eran/Ivan-era and including a great jam, check out the new mp3 located in the Download section.

KINK FM sampler added to Discography

The new "KINK LIVE 8" sampler was added to the Discography. Spin Doctors contributed a live version of "Two Princes", recorded in June 2005. Check out the Compilations part of the Discography for details.


Videos / DVDs section added

New section added to the Discography part of this site: find out more about all of the band's music video clips and related stuff. Thanks to DJE and JB for providing a lot of the information included in the new section.


Major update on the Songs section. A lot of songs were missing to the lists and were just added. If you feel there's something missing or if you can help out with credits to the cover songs, please let us know.

New album available

Finally, the new album "Nice Talking To Me" is available. Go to the Album Discography for details and check out the News for more details and links (review coverage, fan opinions on the official forum etc). And don't forget to buy the new album - you won't regret it as it's a wonderful album.

New official eStore launched

The new album is available for pre-order now. Check out the news section or the links section for details.

Interview with Aaron Comess

Check out the brand new exclusive interview with Spin Doctors drummer Aaron Comess about the new album "Nice Talking To Me" and a lot of other Spins-related stuff! You'll find it via the News section or can go there directly by clicking here.

New mp3 added

Check out the Download section for a new free mp3 download - a great version of "Laraby's Gang", performed by Chris Barron and John Popper in 2002.


More Than Meets The Ear - The Spin Doctors Archive is the Fansite Of The Month on jambands.com. Check out the article if you want - and thanks to the jambands.com crew for featuring the Spins Archive!

Discography update

Check out the Eric Schenkman Solo Discography as it got a major update (second Cork album, Natalie Merchant and many more). Once more, thanks to Dave Mallick for his help. The Chris Barron Solo Discography was updated as well (Moldy Peaches "Unreleased Cutz And Live Jamz".

Discography / Links

Two minor updates today: I added some more info about the two Rachel Yamagata releases - Aaron Comess plays drums on them. Check it out in the Aaron Comess solo discography. In the Links section, the new Spin Doctors MySpace.com site was added, too.

News update, Chris solo discography update, show archive corrections

Good day for all Spin Doctors fans, as we got some great great news: The news section now includes all info on "Nice Talking To Me", the upcoming Spin Doctors album (to be released September 13, 2005). Also, the new EP "Hard To Get To" by Deena Goodman was added to the Chris Barron solo discography. Finally, with the help of Dave Mallick, some show dates and locations in the Show Archive were corrected, too.

News section update, show archive corrections

Just added: some more news about the upcoming album "Nice Talking To Me" in the News section. Also, thanks to Dave Mallick, some parts of the show archive were corrected and updated, too.

New mp3's added

Three new mp3's are available now in the Download section: Gestalt's Blues from 1989, "So Bad" from 1992 and "Fisherman's Delight" from 1999. Thanks to Dave Mallick, a lot of 1989-1992 database entries were corrected, too.

Show archive, FAQ, news section

First of all, thanks for the overwhelming response to the launch of the new site. A lot of people e-mailed within the last 48 hours or commented the site on the forum. Great to realize that a lot of people seem to appreciate this new project. So, keep the feedback coming - what do you like or dislike about the site and all that stuff. Please send corrections, additional info and other contributions to info@spindoctors-archive.com!

Few minor updates today: now all shows available for download at archive.org are listed in the show archive database. If you want to look for downloadable shows only, type "download" into the "Setlist / details" field, and you will see all of them.

Also, Sinko sent some reviews from the 2002 reunion tour and the 2004 summer tour which were added to the database as well. If you see the band live and want to add a review about the show afterwards, please do so by e-mailing to us. Dave Mallick and JB contributed some corrections for the FAQ and Songs areas. Those were added, too.

Ah, and just a few minutes ago, I received an e-mail from Dave Mallick with some helpful setlist / location corrections for the show archive. Thanks for that, they will be added this weekend.

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