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Irving Plaza - New York City, NY
December 4, 2012

What Time Is It?
Nice Talking To Me
Off My Line
Little Miss Canīt Be Wrong
More Than She Knows
About A Train
Some Other Man
If The River Was Whiskey
Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
Jimmy Olsenīs Blues
Refrigerator Car
Two Princes ->
Lady Kerosene

Scotch And Water Blues
Yo Mamaīs A Pajama

Special guest performance at "Wall Street Rocks - Battle Of The Bands 2012 Finale". Hurricane Sandy Benefit.

Download this show here:


or here (24bit recording):


Scott Bernsteinīs show notes

"The Spin Doctors played a benefit for an organization called "Wall Street Rocks", which was apparently collecting money for Hurricane Sandy victims and disabled war veterans at Irving Plaza last week. The whole night was set up with a bunch of amateur bands competing in a sort of "Battle Of The Bands", but with the Spin Doctors playing last on the bill as the headliner.

I personally skipped all of the early bands (only getting there about in time to see a woman-fronted band sing "Sweet Child Of Mine", though I heard there was a Blues Brothers cover band among the earlier sets) and then Spin Doctorsī set.

I figured weīd get about an hour of music in the Spin Doctorsī set, and actually we got a full on 90 minutes. They didnīt do any long set-piece jams that sometimes are the central point of their show (obviously keeping time constraints in mind), but the band was in strong form and played HARD and FAST and LOUD (not that it had anything to do with them, but whoever was mixing their sound in the house had the volume turned up ear-bleedingly loud! And not that Iīm going to complain because that makes for a SPECTACULAR sounding recording...).

All of the band members seemed to be having a good time, and seemed to be relaxed and having a lot of fun onstage (though an already small crowd -- probably due to the $75 benefit ticket price -- started to dwindle only a short way through their set). I guess you could consider this a semi-standard Spin Doctors set these days (at least it was quite similar to their set opening for Blues Traveler at The Cap) -- opening with "What Time Is It", powering through older tune after older tune (though the newer "Nice Talking To Me" and a very unique and powerful take on "Genuine" [kind of a sound-alike to "Off My Line" sung and presumable written by Eric and not Chris) may be the song of the night. Much like The Cap show, Chris dedicated their cover of Creedence Clearwater Revivalīs "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?" to people who were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

They also managed to sprinkle in a few of the tunes from their forthcoming blues-based CD "If The River Was Whiskey", which were all a treat to hear, especially the oldie gem "Scotch And Water Blues" which I would urge anyone to give a listen to, and "About A Train" which is a favorite deep cut for sure."

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