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Wetlands - NYC, NY (Wasabi)
February 27, 1994

Set 1
Cisco kid jam->
Sweet Sue->
Cisco Kid Jam->
Cosmo Joe (Authority)->
Battle for Someone(Traveler)->...(flip)...
Popper Jam w/Vocals
Ballad of Dorothy Parker(prince)Warren joins in and plays till end ->
Instrumental Jam->
Story Time...(tape change)...
When you and me are mine(Authority)->
Thank You(Sly & the Family Stone)->
Instrumental Jam

Set 2
Wasabi Jam->
Instrumental Jam(cut due to loss of power)
Buzzsawing Fish Psychedelic Jam->
Cisco Kid Jam->
Solos Jam

This was a Wasabi show.

John Popper-harmonica and vocals
Rene Lopez-Percusions and vocals
Eric Schenkman-Guitar
Marc White-Bass
Aaron Comess-Drums
Arnie Lawrence-Sax
Eric Lawrence-Sax
Warren Haynes-guitar (about half way through the 1st set till end of show)

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