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Stone Coast Brewery - Portland, ME (Chris Barron solo)
March 11, 1998

Ill Blues
Marilyn Monroe
Sister Sisyphus
The Drop
Big Ben´s Looking Out The Window Blues
Tonight I´ll Be Staying Here With You>
I´ll Be Your Baby Tonight
It Knows The Difference
How Could You Want Him?
Mary Jane
Tiptoe Through The Tulips>
Tea For Two
Some Enchanted Evening
Yo Baby
Prosciutto I Melone
Real Thing
I Love You A Lot
Cop That The Robber
Oh Daddy
Letter To The Nation
At The Stable
Laraby´s Gang
That Much I Know
Eye Of The Needle
A Fool Such As I
I Know You Know
I´m In The Mood For Love
Oh Lord
Gorilla Boy
Jimmy Olsen´s Blues
If I Fell

This was a Chris Barron solo show.

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