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The Cooler - NYC
February 26, 1994

Set 1:
$ Nice Talking To Me (debut),
At This Hour,
$ More Than Meets The Ear (debut),
Big Fat Funky Booty*,
I Canīt Explain (Pete Townshend),
Uranium Century,
Mary Jane,
Turn It Upside Down,
Indifference --> Beasts In The Woods (debut)

Set 2:
Bags Of Dirt,
$ You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast (debut),
Cleopatraīs Cat -->
Biscuit Head (debut),
Sister Sisyphus -->
Sweet Widow*,
Scotch And Water Blues,
Hungry Hamedīs,
Cannonball Jive -->
jam -->
Canīt Say No,
Piece Of Glass,
Gestaltīs Blues,
Prey To Bears,
Someday All This Will Be Road -->
The Drop

Surprise show under the name Modigliani, Inc!!

*= w/ John Popper

Arnie and Erik Lawrence were also on stage for most of the show and did some sax solos for many of the songs.

First *real* NYC gig since December 31, 92.
Some of the debut songs have a history with the band, Chris used to do the song Mary Jane in his solo shows opening up for Blues Traveler. Before the song You Let Your You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast, Chris comments "You might have heard this song before if you were
at one of the random gigs long ago", or something like that.

first "Uranium Century" since October 11, 90
first "Sister Sisyphus" since February 06, 1993
first "Gestaltīs Blues" since February 28, 93
first "Someday All This Will Be Road" since December 01, 1991

Download this show here: www.archive.org/audio/etree-details-db.php?id=32939

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