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Grammy Awards - Radio City Music Hall, NYC
March 1, 1994

no setlist available

The Spin Doctors did not perform, but they were nominated and they presented an award. Apparently, they were all in tuxedos! (except for Mark, but he normally dresses up more the rest of the group. He probably looked spiffy that night, too)

Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal"

Living On The Edge: Aerosmith
No Rain: Blind Melon
My Back Pages: track from Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert
Runaway Train: Soul Asylum
Two Princes: Spin Doctors

SD did not win. Im 99% sure Aerosmith did. I dont know what award SD presented, but Im sure they looked funny in tuxedos, as opposed to the normal T-shirts and bandannas!

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