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Beacon Theatre - NYC
March 11, 1995

Jimmy Olsen´s Blues,
Refrigerator Car,
You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast,
Cleopatra´s Cat,
Big Fat Funky Booty,
She Used To Be Mine,
To Make Me Blue,
My Girl (cover song),
What Time Is It -->
drums -->
bass -->
What Time Is It,
More Than Meets The Ear,
Bags Of Dirt,
If You Ever Need A Friend,
To See Them Burn,
How Could You Want Him,
Little Miss

$ Mr. Lonely
You Let Your Heart Go Too Fasts (Circus Whistle), Sister Sisyphus,
Two Princes,
Mary Jane,
Scotch and Water Blues,
Yo Mama´s A Pajama

$ = Mark came out and introduced the "band": "Alright everybody, listen up, from New Jersey, Circus Whistle." ...and so they came out... Anthony on drums, Aaron on guitar, some other guy singing wearing an O.J. bandanna, and Chris on bass (wearing leather pants no less.)

The theater was being rented out for a private party after the concert ended so the band had to be off the stage by 11. During Two Princes a bunch of management people were screaming at the band to cut. Chris then announced if they kept playing that they would be fined $1,500. So needless to say they kept playing, and then people began to throw money onto the stage to help cut the cost of the fine.

The opening act was the Hatters.

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