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Spin Doctors Songs
All our songs are somewhere else being played for us...

This is a list of all songs Spin Doctors have ever played, first original songs, followed by cover songs. The song titles are followed by the first date the songs were played live by Spin Doctors, followed by the original artist in parentheses in the case of the cover songs.

Many of the debut dates are in brackets, indicating that that is the first known version of the song, the first version on tape, first found in the setlist file, etc. The song was very likely played before that.

^ indicates that the song may not in fact be a Spin Doctors original, although it is believed to be. All of these (except Prince of Doom) were songs played during the fall '94 tour when the band was writing a lot of new songs, many of which were later abandoned, and also doing a lot of new covers, so it is difficult to figure out which category these songs belong in. Most of these songs were played once or rarely and only during fall '94.

# indicates that this song was played only once and was most likely a song just made up on the spot.

NEW: Bold song names indicate that the song was released officially on a studio or live album or on an early demo / independently released tape.

This section is divided into two parts:

  • Original SD songs: songs that were written by or for Spin Doctors

  • Cover Songs: songs from other artists the band played at live shows or recorded in the studio.
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